Operational Excellence Assessment

Op-Ex Services - 4Core Operational Excellence Assessment is carried out in collaboration with the client and tailored to meet their business needs and involves one or two of our experienced Operational Excellence resources.

Assessment duration is based on complexity of business operations and assessment type.

During the assessment, Op-Ex Services resources conduct extensive site &  facility observations, compile related data and conduct focused role interviews.

As part of the assessment process – prior to resources leaving the site is a de-brief with Site Client roles to share pre-liminary observations, findings and potential improvement opportunities.

Upon completion of the assessment analysis the client will be presented with a detailed report depicting current strengths and opportunities.

Potential solutions, projects or activities that would lead to significant performance improvements based on the assessment are included in the report.

The Operational Excellence Assessment covers four key components comprised of supporting elements.

1. Optimizing Operations            

2. Organizational Development

3. Asset Management

4. Regulatory Compliance