Solutions Manager

Rhys, as the Solutions Manager, leads strategic planning, oversees problem-solving processes, and manages customer solutions.

Rhys brings an extensive wealth of expertise in the design and implementation of Operational Excellence and Change Management initiatives. His foundation in Mechanical Engineering, gained from his involvement in Operations and Asset Management processes, underscores his commitment to thoroughness. He possesses a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement while demonstrating a keen aptitude for uncovering untapped potential. Rhys is fueled by a passion for eliminating inefficiencies and scrutinizing the reasons behind persistent wastage. He is proud to be referred to as "the go-to guy" when organizations are in need of operational and organizational improvement.

With a rich background of working as a consultant and asset improvement expert across diverse global industries and cultures, Rhys recognizes the paramount importance of harnessing the power of individuals, often an underutilized resource. His belief in cultivating an innovative management approach, coupled with the active involvement of people, underscores his dedication to fostering a culture centered around process improvement, which inherently adds value.

Rhys's educational journey encompasses a BA in Business Operations, Mechanical Engineering & Maintenance and a diploma in Human Resource & Development underpin his multidisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, his avid interest in the application of Operational Excellence Leading Practices and Change Management highlight his commitment to advancing operational proficiency. Rhys's familiarity with the family of ISO Standards and their practical application further solidifies his proficiency in this arena.